27823 State Route 7, Marietta, Ohio


The process working with Promanco on renovating our historical building into our new office space was made seamless with the knowledge and experience of Promanco. We had a very tight schedule to complete the renovations and not only were they able to meet our timing needs, they did it without sacrificing quality of the finished product.

Scott R. Woods
Director of Business, Perry & Associates

The construction of the new Sheetz Complex in downtown Parkersburg required the demolition of my law office of twenty-one years and my relocation to a new site. With the approval of my landlord, I chose a 50’s-era building that had been unoccupied for more than five years. He promised to refurbish and finish my new office to the same level as my old one, and hired Promanco for the job. I’d never heard of Promanco, but now that the job is done and I am happily in my new space, I applaud my landlord’s choice of contractors.

From day one, Erik and his crew made every reasonable effort to comply not only with my primary instruction to “make the new one like the old one,” but also with my numerous requests for specific details. I made daily contact with Aaron Meeks (nicknamed “Bammer”), the lead carpenter, who wasn’t hesitant to ask questions, to sketch my concepts, or to go to my old office to measure and take photos. He is very skilled, and the quality of his finish work was very good. Retrofitting such an old building posed a number of specific problems, and his solutions were often creative, and were always effective. Adam West, the primary electrician, made a significant impact on the project with his recommendations concerning switch and receptacle locations, primary room lighting, and accent lighting.

Based upon my single experience, I have nothing but praise for my landlord’s choice of a contractor for my relocation. Promanco did not leave the building until I was completely satisfied. I did not see a bill, as that was between the landlord and the contractor, so I have no comment on price or value. Quality, however, was very plainly A-1.

Rick Bush